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Behind the Cube: Santiago Martínez, LatAm Training Manager, Training and Business Development

A monthly series profiling McGraw-Hill employees.

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At McGraw-Hill, helping students learn, grow and unlock their full potential is a team effort. Whether we work in product development, marketing, sales, engineering or elsewhere in the company, each of us plays a crucial role.

In our “Behind the Cube” series, we introduce an employee who embodies our mission, passion and values. This month, meet Santiago Martínez, a training manager from Mexico City.


Time working at McGraw-Hill: 10 years
Division: Training & Business Development for Latin America
Based in: Mexico City


Questions and Answers:

  1. How has working at McGraw-Hill helped you in your career development?
    During my 10 years at McGraw-Hill, I’ve had opportunities to work in several different roles and areas within the company, including marketing and sales. Doing this has helped me better understand the needs of those teams as well as identify what our customers really want from educational providers.

  2. What do you like about working in the Mexico City office?
    The Mexico City office is so great. I like the location a lot because it’s located in one of the corporate zones of the city. It is also a hub for the broader Latin America region and I get to work closely with employees from other teams in other countries.

  3. What was your best day on the job?
    I have a lot of great memories. But something that I really enjoy is when we meet once a year during our annual sales meeting to share experiences and see some familiar faces from across the company.

  4. What are some of your favorite hobbies or activities?
    I love to exercise after work, and I also enjoy theater arts and taking advantage of what Mexico City has to offer. Traveling is another passion of mine. I am very fortunate to be able to travel often for business and pleasure.

  5. What would you tell a potential candidate about McGraw-Hill to convince them to apply for a job?
    McGraw-Hill is such a special and diverse company that offers growth and exposure to different kinds of projects and fields. There are so many opportunities to learn more and everyone I work with has always been supportive of my personal career growth. It feels amazing to not only help learners, but to learn ourselves as well.

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