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How To Cancel a Free Trial

Free cancellation is available at any time before the end of the trial period.

If not cancelled prior to the end of the trial period, you will automatically be billed and converted to a paid tier of the product you were trialing.

First Aid Forward

Free trials are available for U.S.-based customers who have not previously had a free trial of either the First Aid Forward Step 1 or Step 2 product.

How do I cancel a free trial?

1. To cancel before your free trial ends, select My Account from your navigation and click “Order History” from the dropdown:

Screenshot of McGraw Hill website showing logged in user selecting My Account button from the top nav bar.

2. Find the product you are in a free trial for in your order history, then click “Cancel Free Trial”:

Screenshot of order history with Cancel Free Trial button outlined in blue.

3. Confirm your cancellation by clicking “Cancel Free Trial” in the confirmation modal:

Screenshot of Cancel Free Trial confirmation modal.

You will receive an emailed cancellation notice and your order history will reflect your updated order status.