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Templates for Dinah Zike's Foldables®

Moments for MySELf utilizes Dinah Zike’s Foldables, or 3-D graphic organizers. Foldables are an exclusive feature to McGraw Hill. Foldables are a valuable tool to help develop student’s social and emotional competencies. They provide students with a sense of ownership in their work that helps them to invest in the SEL concept. Foldables are more engaging than traditional handouts. The information is organized in a way that makes it easier for students to understand the content. Students use higher-level thinking skills to construct the interactives. To learn more about Dinah Zike’s foldables visit:

Foldables for Primary 1 (PreK–K)

Foldables for Primary (Gr. 1–2)

Foldables for Intermediate (Gr. 3–4)

Foldables for Intermediate 2 (Gr. 5–6)

The teaching suggestions on this site only work in accompaniment with the student portfolio, which has all of the activity pages.