Temporary Permissions for Purchased McGraw Hill K–12 Material

Use these guidelines for temporary permissions for use of McGraw Hill K–12 materials as a result of this time of remote learning.

Current authorized users of McGraw Hill K–12 materials may use purchased McGraw Hill K–12 materials in any appropriately protected media to support your educational needs for remote instruction. McGraw Hill K–12 materials may be reproduced for limited physical or online distribution for instructional purposes only, which includes audio and video recordings through online platforms or local television. Any distribution of McGraw Hill K–12 materials online should be through a password-protected medium, like YouTube with settings marked private or unlisted. These materials may not be published to any publicly available resource on any third party tool, platform, or website, such as a public-facing YouTube page or a public library on a third party learning management platform.

This limited guidance expires on June 30, 2020, after which time all McGraw Hill K–12 materials must be deleted from all online systems and platforms.

These guidelines do not require any further authorization from McGraw Hill. If you choose to utilize this temporary permission, we would appreciate your letting us know via brief email to COVIDPermissions@mheducation.com.

For questions related to accessing existing purchased programs or curriculum, please contact our Digital Technical Support team.