McGraw-Hill Launches New Version of SRA Number Worlds, an Adaptive Math Intervention Program Built to the Common Core

Published February 4, 2014

By Communications Team

SRA Number Worlds' new digital platform helps struggling students in grades PreK-8 meet the Common Core State Standards, accelerate learning and develop math literacy

NEW YORK, Feb. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the greatest challenges teachers face today is meeting the needs of each student, regardless of that student's learning level or style. As the rigorous Common Core State Standards become commonplace in classrooms, the pressure is on for educators to ensure that all students – including those who struggle in subjects like math – have an opportunity to succeed at the same rate as their peers. Today, McGraw-Hill announced a major update to SRA Number Worlds™ , a flexible, intensive PreK-8 math intervention program that is now fully built to the Common Core State Standards. The program also features a significant digital upgrade, leveraging the latest in adaptive learning technology to engage students and accelerate the learning process. The new edition drives real-world application via project-based learning through both print and digital delivery, and is currently rolling into classrooms across the country.

SRA Number Worlds gives students the confidence and skills they need to build a solid mathematical foundation, master the standards and stay on track to perform on grade level. Highlights of the new version include:

  • Rigorous Common Core Instruction: The new version of SRA Number Worlds was built to the Common Core, which enables students to gain greater depth of knowledge in key math topics to improve conceptual understanding, develop procedural skill and fluency in performing calculations, and learn how to apply mathematics to solve real-world problems.
  • Powerful Adaptive Technology: The program integrates Building Blocks – a collection of 200 interactive activities that are powered by an adaptive engine – to truly personalize the learning experience for each student. Through Building Blocks, students are able to move through the program at a pace that is appropriate for them, pushing them forward when they reach their learning goals, or slowing the pace when they need more time and instruction. The Building Blocks management system is particularly helpful for teachers, who are able to track student progress and customize assignments based on skill level.
  • Engaging Digital Resources: Students stay engaged with interactive games, embedded activities, videos and animations, while teachers can access flexible digital planning tools to map out their lessons, Common Core resources and online assessments and reports to track student progress. Its flexible implementation model also allows teachers to use SRA Number Worlds however they feel will most benefit their students.

"We know that math can be one of the most challenging subjects to master and how easy it is for students to lose confidence in their abilities and fall behind," said Christine Willig, senior vice president at McGraw-Hill. "We believe that all students – especially those who struggle – can greatly benefit from the type of personalization that adaptive technologies provide, and we're confident that our SRA Number Worlds program will give them an opportunity to stay engaged and catch up to their peers."

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