CTB/McGraw-Hill's Launch of More Than 1,600 New Digital Acuity® Instructional Resources Helps Teachers Better Prepare Students for College and Future Careers

Published October 28, 2013

By Communications Team

New technology-enhanced resources designed specifically for the Common Core allow teachers to reinforce, remediate, and enrich real-world skills promoted by the new, more rigorous education standards

MONTEREY, Calif., Oct. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- CTB/McGraw-Hill, one of the nation's leading educational assessment partners, today announced the launch of more than 1,600 new digital Acuity® Instructional Resources built exclusively for the comprehensive Acuity Common Core K-12 assessment solution. Developed specifically to address the requirements of the Common Core State Standards, these highly interactive instructional resources enable teachers to provide targeted instructional content to each student based on his or her most critical areas of need.

Reflecting the full depth and rigor of the Common Core standards, Acuity's new instructional resources provide students with real-time feedback on their instructional progress, and educators with reports to inform additional instructional decisions. Assignable directly from Acuity assessment reports, educators can use valid and reliable data to select the most appropriate instructional resources to reinforce, remediate, or enrich skills learned in the classroom. Used either by individual students or as classroom activities, these instructional resources can be delivered on all common browsers as well as on iPad®. The new digital Acuity Instructional Resources make a smart addition to a district's instructional improvement toolbox.

"One of the greatest benefits of digital learning tools is that they can truly make students better learners, in part by providing teachers with an efficient way to identify and address the needs of each student individually and promptly," said Holly Bremerkamp, Acuity Product Manager at CTB/McGraw-Hill. "With the introduction of these new Acuity Instructional Resources, teachers will have the flexibility to assess and guide their students' progress toward mastering the Common Core standards, and the skills vital to success in college and careers."

The combination of Acuity's all new Common Core K-12 assessment item banks and instructional resources, created specifically for the Common Core standards, brings a breadth and variety of assessment and instructional tools to education while keeping learning both engaging and personalized for each student.

Acuity Instructional Resources are currently available for Grades K-12 in English Language Arts and Mathematics. To learn more, please visit www.ctb.com/acuity or view the demo video.

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