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ELLevate English, New Six-Level English Language Learning Course, Offers Fully Integrated Digital and Print Content with Immersive Multimedia for Seamless, Interactive Learning Experience

McGraw-Hill's new ELL course provides teachers with pre-built, customizable materials developed by curriculum design experts and aligned to the CEFR

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New York, NY (March 7, 2017) – McGraw-Hill, a learning science company, today announced the launch of ELLevate English, an innovative new English Language Learning (ELL) course for secondary school students. Available outside the United States, ELLevate English offers pre-built, fully customizable course content that has been designed by curriculum experts and is aligned to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) for grades 7-12.

ELLevate English’s complete course framework also provides modular digital and print course materials, that can be seamlessly integrated to meet the varying needs of schools at different stages of digital-readiness. In addition, through a wide range of multimedia tools and resources, ELLevate English offers students a dynamic learning experience, with interactive practice, games, audio and video.

“The English language learning landscape outside the United States is still pre-dominantly print-based, and while a wider range of digital resources are available, they are primarily viewed as optional or supplemental,” said Mark Dorman, president of Higher Education, Professional and International at McGraw-Hill. “School communities and language institutions are at different stages of digital readiness. We are, however, close to a digital tipping point as an increasing number of schools look to offer a more robust digital learning experience. ELLevate English’s digital and print materials are fully integrated so schools that are just starting their digital journey can use them, as well as those that are 100% digital ready. In addition, ELLevate English provides a truly immersive, multi-dimensional learning environment that is designed to transform the student’s English language learning experience.”

ELLevate English supports teachers by providing both digital and print content, enabling them to teach more effectively and give their students practical, real-world communications and critical thinking skills.

Benefits for Instructors: Maximizing Teaching Power

  • Open and Flexible Platform: Modular flexibility allows teachers to create, adapt and enhance their course, integrating their own content and personalizing the course based on their students’ needs
  • Data-Driven Analytics: Detailed reporting and analytics help teachers target instruction, where students need it the most, as well as strengthen remediation at the class and student level
  • CEFR Aligned Curriculum: The course, developed by curriculum design experts, effectively delivers content aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference

Benefits for Students: Unlocking Language Learning Potential

  • Fully Integrated Digital and Print Materials: A cohesive course, offering students both an immersive digital experience and print materials, caters to all levels of digital readiness
  • Multidimensional Learning: A wide range of digital and multimedia assets transforms language learning from a flat, one-dimensional experience to an interactive, engaging one
  • 21st Century Skills: Students develop and practice creative, critical-thinking and digital literacy skills, which are vital to live and thrive in today’s world

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