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This Back-to-School Season, Students Are Studying Smarter with McGraw-Hill's Adaptive Learning Technology

Adaptive learning solutions result in higher pass rates, completion rates and retention - and McGraw-Hill's solutions are leading the way

NEW YORK, Aug. 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Back-to-school season is here, and parents and students are looking for resources to make this school year the best one yet. To get a leg up this academic year, students and parents need to know three words: adaptive learning technology.

A method of instruction based on education theory and cognitive science, adaptive learning personalizes learning by continually assessing students' knowledge, skill and confidence levels, and pinpoints exactly what students know and what they don't, where and why they are struggling, and how to help them reach their goals. McGraw-Hill, the leader in digital learning experiences, has developed a suite of products designed to give students an individualized learning experience that adapts to and addresses their needs. Students using McGraw-Hill's adaptive products are proven to improve one letter grade in a course and courses which use McGraw-Hill's adaptive systems have a 90 percent pass rate.

"Our experience working with authors, instructors and students has provided an unparalleled understanding of how students learn," said David Levin, CEO of McGraw-Hill. "This is the era of digital learning and McGraw-Hill will continue to be at the forefront of developing adaptive technologies that change the way we approach teaching and learning, empowering students and teachers and improving outcomes."

Available for purchase by students and parents, the company's suite of adaptive learning products includes:

  • ALEKS – a higher-education adaptive learning system for math that ensures students both master and retain key topics.
  • LearnSmart - identifies the topics a student knows and does not know, and as the student progresses, adapts and adjusts the content based on his or her individual strengths, weaknesses and confidence. Nearly 4 million students have used the LearnSmart since its launch in 2009, answering nearly 3 billion questions in the system.
  • SmartBook – offered in more than 300 university courses and powered by LearnSmart adaptive technology, it is the first and only adaptive reading experience designed to change the way students read and learn. Now available in the K-12 market as well as higher education.

Adaptive learning solutions are a game-changer in learning. McGraw-Hill's adaptive solutions break down the cognitive processes behind learning with precision and granularity, developing individualized learning paths that lead to greater retention and mastery of a topic. By regularly pinging students with questions to determine how much information is being absorbed, the advanced algorithms that power the technology can develop personalized leaning paths for each student -- ensuring that students are better-prepared, and that instructors are better-equipped to personalize lessons and delve into more advanced concepts. McGraw-Hill's adaptive technologies go beyond simply making recommendations and actually delivering the most optimal content for a student to learn at any given time.

"Students tend to spend too much time studying material they already know, and not enough time mastering unfamiliar material," said Kathrine Glass, Senior Lecturer of Accounting from Indiana University. "McGraw-Hill's adaptive learning products help guide students toward areas of weakness and enable them to retain that information. As a result, my students are more engaged and prepared when they come to class, allowing me to spend more time delving into advanced concepts and higher level discussions."

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