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Six Benefits of Personalized Learning Technology

Data-driven tools and engaging content enable rich personalized learning experiences from elementary through college.

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One of the few constants in every classroom is that each student’s learning needs and preferences are different. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every educational scenario, our ongoing research in learning science is all about ensuring that our instructional tools and content are as personalized, efficient and engaging as possible.

Our unique approach to the design and development of new ed-tech combines best practices in teaching with a deep understanding of the science behind the learning process. The end result is that our tools and content are highly personalized, easy-to-use and focused on improving outcomes for individual students. This makes each student’s learning experience deeply personalized while also saving instructors time that would otherwise be spent on routine tasks.

Here’s a look at six key opportunities we’ve identified to leverage personalized learning technology to help unlock the full potential of each and every student:

1. Recognize that all students learn differently and have their own unique paths to mastery. | Huffington Post

2. Ensure that each student is appropriately placed to maximize his or her potential for success. | The Hill

3. Design tech that evolves to each individual learner’s progress and understanding. | The Australian

4. Maintain student engagement throughout the learning journey. | Hot Topics

5. Utilize insights about each student’s strengths and weaknesses to empower teachers in the classroom. | EdSurge

6. Improve learning outcomes and allow teachers to focus on what really matters. | eSchool News

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