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What We’re Reading at McGraw-Hill: February 2020

A monthly list of interesting articles that are getting passed around the halls here at McGraw-Hill.

Tags: Ideas in Education, Blog Article, Literacy Leader

Each month, we’ll share some interesting articles that are getting passed around the halls here at McGraw-Hill. Read on for more!

How E-Learning Supports On-Demand Instruction for K–12 Schools

EdTech Magazine

In-classroom learning remains a crucial necessity for student success, which means that e-learning and digital education is high in demand and will remain that way in the coming years. Read on to find out how e-learning helps to positively support instruction in the classroom.

Teaching students to use what's around them bolsters critical thinking

Education DIVE

The key factor to developing and strengthening critical thinking is the ability to identify resources that are useful. As an example, calculators are tools that can assist students in their math work, and they also instill confidence that supports learners as they learn new concepts. This article explains how utilizing the things around them can help with learning.

Want to use edtech performance data? Try the MIND approach


Administrators who have to choose educational technology programs for their schools or districts often face setbacks. Read this article to learn how the MIND approach and having accurate and relevant information can affect student performance and why it should be a critical part of the decision-making process.

Ignore the Hype. College Is Worth It

Inside Higher Ed

With the cost of college and student loan debts increasing, many would argue that college is not worth it. This article explains why college is indeed valuable for all.

6 things to know about STEM education today

eSchool News

STEM education is vital to our nation's success as a productive leader in the global economy. Read this article to learn more about STEM education and its value in today’s classroom.