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Three Things We’re Doing to Make Our Recruiting Process More Inclusive

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As we strive to make McGraw Hill a more inclusive and diverse place to work, one area we’re focused on is attracting, developing, and retaining diverse talent.

On our Talent Acquisition team, we’re dedicated to attracting employees that will add to our culture. To achieve this, we’re expanding our search, building inclusive processes, and seeking people with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Here are three things we’re doing in 2021 to make our recruiting process more inclusive.

  1. Focusing on our candidates’ priorities

    By researching and listening to our candidates, we know that remote work, physical & mental health, and employee safety are key factors when making decisions about what company to work for.

    Luckily at McGraw Hill, over 40% of our employees worked remotely pre-pandemic and we have physical & mental health benefits available to our team.

    We want everyone to feel comfortable working at McGraw Hill, so we’ve updated our career website with our response to COVID-19, as well as an FAQ page, so candidates can receive answers to their important questions.

  2. Ensuring our job postings are inclusive

    Whether we’re posting on social media about our benefits & perks, or we’re crafting a job posting, it’s important that we use inclusive imagery and language.

    Using inclusive language in job postings is crucial so we don’t discourage qualified candidates. For example, certain words are masculine- or feminine- coded and can deter certain genders from applying.

    Additionally, on average, women only apply for roles when they feel they are 100% qualified, whereas men apply when they believe they meet at least 60% of the qualifications.

    Using inclusive language and only including requirements that are absolutely necessary for the role are both key factors in ensuring a wide range of qualified candidates apply.

    To help with this, we developed a guide to help our team and Hiring Managers as they craft job postings.

  3. Reducing bias in our selection process

    Finally, our efforts to attract diverse talent won’t be effective unless we are actively working to reduce unconscious bias during the selection process.

    Our team, as well as Hiring Managers, received unconscious bias training in 2020.

    We also developed an Inclusive Hiring Guide to use throughout the hiring process. We encourage everyone at McGraw Hill to challenge themselves, and respectfully challenge others, to prevent bias from impacting our decision-making.

To learn more about what our Careers team is doing in the I&D space, visit our website here.