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5 Innovations Added to Our Higher Ed Digital Course Materials for the 2019-2020 School Year

A rundown of some useful McGraw-Hill products for students educators.

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The fall semester has begun and we wanted to share some exciting updates we’ve made to McGraw-Hill technology platforms for the 2019-20 school year. Each is designed to help more students succeed and to help instructors save time and get better results. Check them out below!

ALEKS Insights

Built in response to educator input, ALEKS Insights is an artificially intelligent tool added to the ALEKS adaptive learning system for math and chemistry. It was built to analyze student performance data and provide instructors with a report about students who may be struggling or falling behind. This tool allows instructors to directly message students or view more detailed ALEKS reports to understand their issues.

Automated Writing Feedback

We’ve built a new automated writing feedback tool to be embedded into select McGraw-Hill Connect course offerings. This adaptive tool will help millions of students demonstrate critical and analytical thinking skills and develop writing skills for college-level work and competitive careers. The tool leverages artificial intelligence (AI)-based writing feedback and scoring systems from Vantage Learning, helping students choose more effective wording or grammar, improve ideation skills and understand what makes effective writing.

On-Demand Tutoring

McGraw-Hill, in collaboration with TutorMe will run a research-focused pilot this Fall, providing college students with one-on-one academic support as a natural extension of their digital coursework, 24/7. The pilot will be available to users of McGraw-Hill Connect® and McGraw-Hill ALEKS® digital courseware with select products in four core course areas: Anatomy and Physiology, English, Math and Accounting. Students will be able to access a TutorMe tutor through Connect or ALEKS to help them address comprehension and coursework challenges. Through the pilot, students will receive one hour of TutorMe tutoring free of charge.

Connect Master

McGraw-Hill has expanded its Connect Master® suite of course materials, which provide affordable active learning experiences to improve students’ engagement, critical thinking skills and ability to apply knowledge to real-world challenges. Connect Master products are currently available in six course areas – Non-Majors Biology, Economics, Principles of Marketing, Introduction to Business, Computer Concepts and Student Success.

New eBooks

McGraw-Hill eBooks is the latest addition to our suite of affordable print and digital course material options in higher education. This solution gives students the flexibility to study anytime, anywhere either on their computers or via the ReadAnywhere app on their mobile devices, even when they’re offline. The eBooks provide a much more dynamic experience than traditional eBooks, with features such as annotation tools, text search capability, and the option to read the text aloud.