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A Conversation With a Learning Scientist | Dr. Ryan Baker of UPenn

Insights from the front line of educational research and data analytics

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When it comes to conducting learning science research, data is gold.  In this video interview, Drs. Robert Feldman and Ryan Baker explore the ways data analytics are being used in educational research projects to expand what we know about how people learn:

  • How online learning systems can allow large amounts of anonymized educational data to be gathered and analyzed

  • Applying lessons and concepts from the world of Big Data to improve outcomes in higher education

  • Using data science to help educators create more effective learning content

  • How technology can support efficacy research in real-world education settings


Dr. Robert Feldman – Senior Advisor to the Chancellor and Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Dr. Ryan Baker – Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania

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