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ALEKS Featured in Award Winning Test Prep Program

Today we’re sharing some exciting news from Miami Dade College!

Just a few weeks ago, the Florida Department of Education awarded the College a 2013 Chancellor's Best Practice Award for its Test Prep Boot Camp, which featured ALEKS®, our artificially-intelligent, adaptive learning program.

A week long intensive test prep program, the Boot Camp was created to help bolster students' Postsecondary Education Readiness Test scores, and increase student academic readiness. Students who participated in Miami Dade College’s Test Prep Boot Camp completed a diagnostic test, which assessed and personalized their week’s course work and identified any potential skills gap in the following areas: critical math, reading and writing.

ALEKS, which was developed by a team of software engineers, mathematicians and cognitive scientists, utilizes research-based, artificial intelligence to identify exactly what a student knows and doesn’t know in a course. With this information, the program instructs the students on the exact topics they are most ready to learn, continuously updating and improving each student’s knowledge and comprehension, and adapting to the student’s individualized learning needs.  

The program proved to be a great success in helping students improve their test scores. Surveys conducted both before and after the Boot Camp showed forty-three percent of both math and reading students, and fifty-one percent of writing students, placed up at least one level after completing the Boot Camp. Truly great work by all those involved – we are so grateful for their hard work and dedication. Congratulations, you have a lot to be proud of!