A Writer's Resource (comb-version) Student Edition https://www.mheducation.com/cover-images/Jpeg_400-high/1260087840.jpeg 6 9781260087840 With A Writer's Resource, writers learn to identify the fundamental elements of writing situations encountered across the curriculum and in a variety of disciplines - from research assignments to blog and social media posts. And with Connect Composition, instructors will find even more options for online assessment and reporting. - Power of Process guides students to see writing and reading as a recursive process by having them respond to instructor chosen strategies and questions. It is extremely flexible, providing instructors with the ability to add their own reading selections or choose from a bank of 80+ McGraw-Hill provided texts - LearnSmart Achieve assesses proficiencies using continuously adaptive technology in these course-critical: Writing Process, Critical Reading, Research Process, Reasoning and Argument, Grammar, Mechanics, Style, and Multilingual Writing. - Four years of access to Connect Composition also provides powerful reporting tools and an array of resources including Writing Assignments and an online eBook with ReadAnywhere app. These can be customized and assigned for assessment or study.
A Writer's Resource (comb-version) Student Edition

A Writer's Resource (comb-version) Student Edition

6th Edition
By Elaine Maimon and Kathleen Blake Yancey
ISBN10: 1260087840
ISBN13: 9781260087840
Copyright: 2020
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ISBN10: 1260087840 | ISBN13: 9781260087840




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ISBN10: 1260087840 | ISBN13: 9781260087840




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Program Details

Tab 1: Writing Today
1. Writing across the Curriculum and beyond College
2. Writing Situations
3. Audience and Academic English

Tab 2: Writing and Designing Texts
4. Reading and Writing: The Critical Connection
5. Planning and Shaping
6. Drafting Text and Visuals
7. Revising and Editing
8. Designing Academic Texts and Portfolios

Tab 3: Common Assignments
9. Informative Reports
10. Interpretive Analyses and Writing about Literature
11. Arguments
12. Other Kinds of Assignments
13. Oral Presentations
14. Multimodal Writing

Tab 4: Writing Beyond College
15. Service Learning and Community-Service Writing
16. Writing to Raise Awareness and Share Concern
17. Writing to Get and keep a Job

Tab 5: Researching
18. Understanding Research
19. Finding and Managing Print and Online Sources
10. Finding and Creating Effective Visuals, Audio Clips, and Videos
21. Evaluating Sources
22. Doing Research in the Archive, Field, and Lab
23. Plagiarism, Copyright, and Intellectual Property
24. Working with Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism
25. Writing the Paper

Tab 6: MLA Documentation Style
26. MLA Style: In-Text Citations
27. MLA Style: List of Works Cited
28. MLA Style: Explanatory Notes and Acknowledgments
29. MLA Style: Format
30. Sample Research Project in MLA Style

Tab 7: APA Documentation Style
31. APA Style: In-Text Citations
32. APA Style: References
33. APA Style: Format
34. Sample Research Project in APA Style

Tab 8: Chicago and CSE Documentation Style
35. Chicago Documentation Style Elements
36. Sample from a Student Research Project in Chicago Style
37. CSE Documentation Style

Tab 9: Editing for Clarity
38. Wordy Sentences
39. Missing Words
40. Mixed Constructions
41. Confusing Shifts
42. Faulty Parallelism
43. Misplaced/Dangling Modifiers
44. Coordination and Subordination
45. Sentence Variety
46. Active Verbs
47. Appropriate Language
48. Exact Language
49. The Dictionary and the Thesaurus
50. Glossary of Usage

Tab 10: Editing for Grammar Conventions
51. Sentence Fragments
52. Comma Splices and Run-on Sentences
53. Subject-Verb Agreement
54. Problems with Verbs
55. Problems with Pronouns
56. Problems with Adjectives and Adverbs

Tab 11: Editing for Correctness: Punctuation, Mechanics, and Spelling
57. Commas
58. Semicolons
59. Colons
60. Apostrophes
61. Quotation Marks
62. Other Punctuation Marks
63. Capitalization
64. Abbreviations and Symbols
65. Numbers
66. Italics (Underlining)
67. Hyphens
68. Spelling

Tab 12: Basic Grammar Review with Tips for Multilingual Writers
69. Parts of Speech
70. Parts of Sentences
71. Phrases and Dependent Clauses
72. Types of Sentences

Tab 13: Further Resources for Learning
Selected Terms from across the Curriculum
Discipline-Specific Resources
Timeline of World Events
World Map
Index for Multilingual Writers
Quick Guide to Key Resources
Abbreviations and Symbols for Editing and Proofreading