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Chapter 1: The Seventeenth Century: A Frontier Society

A Necessary Good
Housewifery and Trade
Servants and Slaves
Native American Women
Prophets and Saints
Invisible Furies

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Chapter 2: The Eighteenth Century: The Eve of Modernity

Wives and Widows
Character and Capacity
Legal Institutions
Diversity of Cultures
The Cradle of the Revolution
The Pursuit of Happiness
Fathers and Daughters, Mothers and Sons

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Chapter 3: Promoting Woman’s Sphere, 1800-1860

The Home and the World
Piety and Purity
Academy and Common School
Readers and Authors
Factory and Mill
City and Frontier
White Women in the Antebellum South

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Chapter 4: Benevolence, Reform, and Slavery, 1800-1860

Origins of Association
Moral Reform
Women in Slavery
Abolition and the Woman Question
Communitarian Alternatives and Legal Rights
The Women’s Rights Movement

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Chapter 5: Women at Work, 1860-1920

Civil War and Women’s Work
The Black Experience
The Trans-Mississippi West
Immigrants, Cities, and Working Girls
Women in Industry
The Union Experience
Office, Store, and Classroom

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Chapter 6: The Rise of the New Woman, 1860-1920

Shrinking Families
The College Woman
The Professional Woman
Clubwomen and Crusaders
Educated Homemakers
Social Housekeepers

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Chapter 7: Feminism and Suffrage, 1860-1920

An Independent Suffrage Movement
Finding a Constituency
The Argument Over Suffrage
Voices on the Left
Peace, War, and the Woman’s Party
Women and the Vote

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Chapter 8: Cross-Currents: The 1920s

Feminists in Conflict
Aspiration and Career
Migrants and Immigrants
The New Morality
“Pals” and “Partners”
Companions and Consumers
Contraceptive Politics

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Chapter 9: Emergencies: The 1930s and 1940s

Depression Families
Working Women
Women’s New Deal
“Front Page Woman”
The Impact of World War II
Postwar Prospects

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Chapter 10: High Expectations: 1950-1975

Suburban Housewives
Working Mothers Mixed Signals
Black Women in Postwar America
Civil Rights and Women’s Liberation
Legitimizing Feminism

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Chapter 11: In Search of Equality: Since 1975

Feminism at Stalemate
Women in the Workplace
Families in Transition
Immigration, Ethnicity, and Diversity
The Gender Gap
Women and the Law

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