Windows 8 Kickstart
Table of Contents

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Program Details

Part I: Orient Yourself to Windows 8
Chapter 1: Start Up Windows 8
Chapter 2: Configure Your Start Screen & Customize Your Settings
Chapter 3: Control Your Windows 8 Desktop
Chapter 4 : Organize Files with Windows Explorer
Chapter 5: Keep Windows 8 Up To Date and Secure
Part II: Explore Tiles, Media, and Apps
Chapter 6: Get Started with Windows 8-Style Apps
Chapter 7: Surf the Net
Chapter 8: Share with Social Media and Instant Messaging
Chapter 9: View and Manage Photos
Chapter 10: Play Music and Video
Chapter 11: Play Games on Windows
Chapter 12: Get Apps from the Windows Store
Part III: Get Productive with Windows 8
Chapter 13: Print Files and Manage Devices
Chapter 14: Get Started with Microsoft Office