WIKIBRANDS: Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Driven Marketplace 1 9780071749275 REINVENTING YOUR COMPANY IN A CUSTOMER-DRIVEN MARKETPLACE FOREWORD BY DON TAPSCOTT, Bestselling author of Wikinomics "A must-read for business leaders, managers, and just about anyone who wants to recognize and tap into the incredible creative energy of customers and stakeholders." -- Richard Florida, bestselling author of The Rise of the Creative Class "Marketers should follow the course laid out by Sean Moffitt and Mike Dover, which leads us into a new brand future of pull, not push, and of conversation, not control." -- B. Josep h Pine II, bestselling author, The Experience Economy "Thoughtful, innovative, and most of all practical. If your organization wants to deploy technology to build better client relationships, Wikibrands will show you how." -- Keith Ferrazzi, bestselling author, Never Eat Alone "Your brand can share control to create value. With the changing role of consumers, every brand is a lie, not a promise. But Wikibrands offers marketers a rich understanding of how social media can drive engagement for brands that make them true." -- Ross Mayfield , Chairman, President, and co-founder, Socialtext "A must-read for the hungry marketer!” -- Julie Roehm, Backslash Meta, LLC "The path forward presented in Wikibrands is brightly illuminated, helping change the landscape in an area ready for consumer-driven, open innovation." -- David Smith, Global Managing Director, Accenture, and Co-Author of Workforce of One : Revolutionizing Talent Management Through Customization “"A behind-the-curtain look at how you should be engaging your customer directly in the branding process. Ignore this important book at your own peril." -- Saul Kaplan, Founder and Chief Catalyst, Business Innovation Factory What is a Wikibrand? It's the next generation of business building that taps into the true power of social networks, brand connections, and customer participation to build real value. It's a status update on Facebook, a rave on Twitter, a review on YouTube, and so much more. It's the herald of a new golden age in customer freedom and individualized customer service. It's the future of business--and this book is your wake-up call, strategy guide, and road map to what's ahead. In Wikibrands, acclaimed media marketing experts Sean Moffitt and Mike Dover show you how to take advantage of the exciting new models of business and technologies--and enthusiastic online communities--one click at a time. Built on continuing research from Don Tapscott's trailblazing $10 million research project, which formed the basis of bestselling books such as Wikinomics and Grown Up Digital, this book delivers hundreds of the best examples from today's most successful businesses. You'll learn how to: ENGAGE THE CUSTOMER through social influence, word of mouth, and user-generated content CREATE AN EXPERIENCE affected by customer-driven ratings, reviews, and online culture BUILD A COMMUNITY through microblogging, prosumerism, and crowdsourcing MAKE A CONNECTION that is truly authentic, collaborative, and value enhancing Whether you work with an established business and are looking to make it relevant to today's "wikiconsumers" or are launching a start-up from scratch, Wikibrands offers countless creative ideas for defining and reaching out to your target audience. You'll find refreshing new ways and a FLIRT model to help you open up an honest dialogue with your customers, attract a ready-made fan base through shared interests, and even work with other businesses toward a mutually rewarding goal. These are the latest tricks of the trade, used by hot brand names such as Mozilla Firefox, lululemon, and Zappos; industry giants Starbucks, Dell, and Harley-Davidson; and other less well-known organizations. This is how you turn merely buzzworthy brands into full-fledged wikibrands. Sean Moffitt is President of Agent Wildfire Strategy & Communications, a leading social influence, word-of-mouth, and customer engagement firm. An internationally known speaker and Web expert, he has reinvented brands as a client and partner for Molson, Guinness, Procter & Gamble, and numerous Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. Mike Dover is Managing Partner of Socialstruct Advisory Group. As Vice President, Research Operations, for New Paradigm (formerly nGenera Insight), he oversaw the research programs for the bestselling books Wikinomics and Grown Up Digital. He also has provided review support for more than a dozen other books. Continue the reinvention of your business at wiki -brands .com
WIKIBRANDS: Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Driven Marketplace

WIKIBRANDS: Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Driven Marketplace

1st Edition
By Sean Moffitt and Mike Dover and Don Tapscott
ISBN10: 0071749276
ISBN13: 9780071749275
Copyright: 2011

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ISBN10: 0071749276 | ISBN13: 9780071749275



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Foreword by Don Tapscott; Preface; Acknowledgments; Background; Chapter 1. The Birth of Wikibrands; Chapter 2. The Wikibrand Rallying Cry: The New "Mad Men" of 2010; Chapter 3. The Six Benefits of Wikibrands Brand Advocacy: The Power of Buzz, Word-of-Mouth, Referral and Evangelism; Chapter 4. FLIRT: Focus – If I don't know where you’re going, I don’t want you getting there fast; Chapter 5. FLIRT: Language and Outreach – I don't care what you're saying, if I don't like how and where you are saying it; Chapter 6. FLIRT: Incentives and Motivations – Brand fans do it because of what they want, not what you want; Chapter 7 – FLIRT – Rules – When you jump, make sure you have a safety net Chapter 8. FLIRT: Tools and Platform – If you build it, they may come; Chapter 9. Measurement and Metrics: Those who can measure will lead; Chapter 10. Internalizing the Benefits: It's pointless unless you are changed; Chapter 11. Life Stage Planning; Chapter 12. Community Management: Building a Café, Not a Ghost Town; Chapter 13. The B-to-B Wiki Brand: Putting Some Stock in our Relationship; Chapter 14. The Personal Wiki Brand: The Era of the Grassroots A and B-Listers; Chapter 15. The Future: Sticking our Neck Out, Some Predictions; Chapter 16. Reference Guide: 25 Things to Know in 25 Minutes

About the Author

Sean Moffitt

Mike Dover

Don Tapscott

Don Tapscott is an internationally renowned speaker and the bestselling author of The Digital Economy and co-author of Blueprint to the digital Economy, Paradigm Shift, and Who Knows. He is chairman of the Alliance for converging Technologies which represents the collaborative effort of ca. 40 of the world's leading technology, manufacturing, and retail organizations. He is also the president of the New Paradigm Learning Corporation.