Theatre: The Lively Art
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Part 1. Theatre: Diverse, Global, Multicultural

Chapter 1. Theatre: The Art Form

Chapter 2. The Audience: Spectators and Participants

Part 2. Creating Theatre: The Playwright

Chapter 3. Creating the Dramatic Script

Chapter 4. Theatrical Genres

Part 3. Creating Theatre: The Production

Chapter 5. Acting for the Stage

Chapter 6. The Director and the Producer

Chapter 7. Theatre Spaces

Chapter 8. The Designers: Scenery and Costumes

Chapter 9. The Designers: Lighting and Sound

Part 4. Global Theatre: Past and Present

Chapter 10. Early Theatre: Greek, Roman, and Medieval

Chapter 11. Early Theatre: Asian

Chapter 12. Renaissance Theatres

Chapter 13. Theatre from the Restoration through Romanticism

Chapter 14. The Modern Theatre Emerges

Chapter 15. Today's Diverse Global Theatre