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Strategic Management: Text and Cases
Strategic Management: Text and Cases

Strategic Management: Text and Cases, 10th Edition

ISBN10: 1260075087 | ISBN13: 9781260075083
By Gregory Dess, Seung-Hyun Lee, Alan Eisner, Gerry McNamara and G.T. (Tom) Lumpkin

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* The estimated amount of time this product will be on the market is based on a number of factors, including faculty input to instructional design and the prior revision cycle and updates to academic research-which typically results in a revision cycle ranging from every two to four years for this product. Pricing subject to change at any time.

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Strategic Management: Text and Cases, Tenth edition, written by authors Dess, McNamara, Eisner,and Lee continues its tradition of being readable, relevant, and rigorous. Its engaging writing style minimizes jargon to maximize readability.  It provides examples from management practice and societal themes including environmental sustainability, ethics, globalization, entrepreneurship, and data analytics to make the content relevant.  It draws on the latest research by management scholars and insights from executives to balance accessibility with rigor. 

They provide separate chapters on the role of intellectual assets in value creation (Ch. 4), entrepreneurial strategy and competitive dynamics (Ch. 8), and fostering entrepreneurship in established organizations (Ch. 12). This version includes the all the text and 38 cases.

1. Strategic Management: Creating Competitive Advantages 
2. Analyzing the External Environment of the Firm
3. Assessing the Internal Environment of the Firm
4. Recognizing a Firm’s Intellectual Assets: Moving beyond a Firm’s Tangible Resources 

5. Business-Level Strategy: Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantages 
6. Corporate-Level Strategy: Creating Value through Diversification 
7. International Strategy: Creating Value in Global Markets 
8. Entrepreneurial Strategy and Competitive Dynamics 

9. Strategic Control and Corporate Governance 
10. Creating Effective Organizational Designs 
11. Strategic Leadership: Creating a Learning Organization and an Ethical Organization 
12. Managing Innovation and Fostering Corporate Entrepreneurship 

13. Analyzing Strategic Management Cases 
1. Robin Hood
2. The Global Casino Industry in 2019 (New)
3. Southwest Airlines: Is “LUV” at the limit? (New)
4. ZYNGA: Is the Game Over? (Updated)
5. World Wrestling Entertainment 2019 (Updated)
6. Microfinance: Going Global… And Going Public?
7. FreshDirect: Is It Really Fresh? (Updated)
8. Greenwood Resources: A Global Sustainable Venture in the Making
9. Kickstarter and Crowdfunding 2019 (Updated)
10. QVC in 2019 (Updated)
11. Cirque du Soleil in 2019 (Updated)
12. Pixar (Updated)
13. Heineken (Updated)
14. eBay: Misunderstood? (Updated)
15. Weight Watchers in now WW (Updated)
16. Dippin’ Dots: Is the Future Frozen? (Updated)
17. Tata Starbucks: A Brew for India? (Updated)
18. The Movie Exhibition Industry: 2019 (New)
19. Campbell: How to Keep the Soup Simmering? (Updated)
20. Nintendo: Could the Switch Turn on Gamers? (Updated)
21. Samsung Electronics 2019 (Updated)
22. Emirates Airline (Updated)
23. General Motors in 2019 (Updated)
24. Johnson & Johnson (Updated)
25. Procter & Gamble (Updated)
26. Ascena: Still Struggling in Speciality Retail (Updated)
27. The Boston Beer Company: Brewing up Success? (Updated)
28. McDonald’s in 2019 (Updated)
29. Lime: Is Bike Sharing the Next Uber? (New)
30. United Way Worldwide (Updated)
31. Alibaba Group: Rivals at the Gate? (New)
32. Apple Inc.: Where’s the Next Innovation? (Updated)
33. Jetblue Airways Corporation: Getting Over The “Blues”? (Updated)
34. Ford: An Auto Company In Transition (Updated)
35. Jamba Juice: Focus in on the Menu (Updated)
36. BlackBerry in 2019 (Updated)
37. Venmo: War on Cash? (New)
38. Flipkart: Winnig in India? (New)
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About the Author

Gregory Dess

Gregory G. Dess is the Andrew R. Cecil Endowed Chair in Management at the University of Texas at Dallas. His primary research interests are in strategic management, organization environment relationships, and knowledge management. He has published numerous articles on these subjects in both academic and practitioner-oriented journals. He also serves on the editorial boards of a wide range of practitioner-oriented and academic journals. In August 2000, he was inducted into the Academy of Management Journal Hall of Fame as one of its charter members. Professor Dess has conducted executive programs in the United States, Europe, Africa, Hong Kong, and Australia. During 1994 he was a Fulbright Scholar in Oporto, Portugal. In 2009, he received an honorary doctorate from the University of Bern (Switzerland). He received his PhD in business administration from the University of Washington (Seattle) and a BIE degree from Georgia Tech.

Seung-Hyun Lee

Seung-Hyun Lee is a Professor of strategic management and international business and the Area Coordinator of the Organization, Strategy, and International Management area at the Jindal School of Business, University of Texas at Dallas. His primary research interests lie on the intersection between strategic management and international business spanning from foreign direct investment to issues of microfinance and corruption. He has published in numerous journals including Academy of Management Review, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Business Venturing, and Strategic Management Journal. He received his MBA and PhD from the Ohio State University.

Alan Eisner

Alan B. Eisner is Dean of the School of Management and Professor of Management at Clark University. He received his PhD in management from the Stern School of Business, New York University. His primary research interests are in strategic management, technology management, organizational learning, and managerial decision making. He has published research articles and cases in journals such as Advances in Strategic Management, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, International Journal of Technology Management, American Business Review, Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management, and Global Journal of Business Pedagogy. He is the former associate editor of the Case Association’s peer-reviewed journal, The CASE Journal.

Gerry McNamara

Gerry McNamara is the McConnell Broad Professor of Management at Michigan State University. His research draws on cognitive and behavioral theories to explain strategic phenomena, including strategic decision making, mergers and acquisitions, and environmental assessments. His research has been published in the Academy of Management Journal, the Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, the Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, the Journal of Management, and the Journal of International Business Studies. Gerry’s research has also been abstracted in the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, New York Times, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, the Economist, and Financial Week. He has served as an associate editor for the Strategic Management Journal and the Academy of Management Journal. He received his PhD from the University of Minnesota.


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