Social Problems and the Quality of Life

Social Problems and the Quality of Life is a thought-provoking text providing thorough coverage of the social problems that most acutely impact the quality of our lives. Chapters define what a social problem is, and address a number of questions crucial to understanding social problems. Learning is supported through several pedagogical features such as Global Comparison boxes and public policy sections, as well as study questions, internet resources, and ample review materials. 

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Table of Contents

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Program Details

Part 1: Foundations

Chapter 1: Understanding Social Problems

Part 2: Problems of Behavioral Deviance

                         Chapter 2: Alcohol and Other Drugs

                        Chapter 3: Crime and Delinquency

Chapter 4: Violence

Chapter 5: Sexual Deviance

Part 3: Problems of Inequality

Chapter 6: Poverty

Chapter 7: Gender and Sexual Orientation

Chapter 8: Race, Ethnic Groups, and Racism

Part 4: Problems of Social Institutions

Chapter 9: Government and Politics

Chapter 10: Work and the Economy

Chapter 11: Education

Chapter 12: Family Problems

Chapter 13: Health Care and Illness: Physical and Mental

Part 5: Global Social Problems

Chapter 14: War and Terrorism

Chapter 15: The Environment