Readings in Social Theory 7 9780078026843 This established anthology of primary readings provides a firm foundation in sociological theory. Concepts are expressed through the most influential thinkers in each of the classic, contemporary, modernist, and postmodernist eras.
Readings in Social Theory

Readings in Social Theory

7th Edition
By James Farganis
ISBN10: 0078026849
ISBN13: 9780078026843
Copyright: 2014
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ISBN10: 0078026849 | ISBN13: 9780078026843



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Introduction: The Classic Tradition to Post-Modernism: An Overview

Part One: The Classic Tradition

1. Karl Marx: Alienation, Class Struggle, and Class Consciousness


From Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, The Manifesto of the Communist Party

From Karl Marx, The Fetishism of Commodities and the Secret Thereof

From Karl Max and Frederick Engels, The German Ideology

2. Emile Durkheim: Anomie and Social Integration


From Emile Durkehim, The Rules of Sociological Method

From Emile Durkheim, "Egoistic Suicide and Anomic Suicide"

From Emile Durkheim, The Elementary Forms of Religious Life

3. Max Weber: The Iron Cage


From Max Weber, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism

From Max Weber, "Bureaucracy"

From Max Weber, "Class, Status, Party"

From Max Weber, "Power, Domination & Types of Authority"

4. Georg Simmel: Dialectic of Individual and Society


From Georg Simmel, "The Metropolis and Mental Life"

From Georg Simmel, "The Stranger"

5. George Herbert Mead: The Emergent Self


From George Herbert Mead, "Mind, Self, and Society"

Part Two: Contemporary Sociological Theory

6. Functionalism


From Kingsley Davis and Wilbert E. Moore, "Some Principles of Stratification"

From Talcott Parsons, "The System of Modern Societies”

From Talcott Parsons, Age and Sex in the Social Structure of the United States

From Robert K. Merton, "Manifest and Latent Functions"

7. Conflict Theory


From Ralf Dahrendorf, "Social Structure, Group Interests, and Conflict Groups"

From C. Wright Mills, "The Structure of Power in America"

From Richard L. Zweigenhaft and G. William Domhoff, "The Ironies of Diversity"

8. Exchange Theory and Rational Choice


From Peter Blau: "The Structure of Social Associations"

From James Coleman, "Social Capital in the Creation of Human Capital"

9. Phenomenological Sociology and Ethnomethodology


From Peter Berger, "The Sacred Canopy"

From Harold Garfinkel, "Studies of the Routine Grounds of Everyday Activities"

10. Symbolic Interaction


From Herbert Blumer, "Society as Symbolic Interaction"

From Erving Goffman, "The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life"

From Arlie Hochschild, "Exploring the Managed Heart"

Part Three: Modernism and Post-Modernism

11: Critical Theory


From Herbert Marcuse, "One-Dimensional Man"

From Jurgen Habermas, "Religion in the Public Sphere"

12. Post-Modernism


From Michel Foucault, "The Carceral"

From Jean-Francois Lyotard, "The Post-Modern Condition: A Report on Knowledge"

Part Four: After Post-Modernism

13. Sex, Gender, Queer Theory


From Dorothy Smith, "Women's Experience as a Radical Critique of Sociology"

From Patricia Hill Collins, "Black Feminist Thought"

From Candace West and Don Zimmerman, "Doing Gender"

From Steven Seidman, "Deconstructing Queer Theory"

14. Critical Race Theory


From David Hollinger, “The Concept of Post-Racial”

From From W.E.B. Du Bois, The Souls of Black Folk

From From Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic, Critical Race Theory

From Anthony Appiah, "Reconstructing Racial Identities"

Part Five: Globalization

15. Global Society: Two Perspectives


From David Held and Anthony McGrew, "Divided World, Divided Nations"

From Joseph Stiglitz, "Globalism's Discontents"

About the Author

James Farganis

James Farganis was born and raised in New York City, attended its public schools and received his B.A. from Brooklyn College and Ph.D. from Cornell University. He has taught sociology at several colleges and universities. He is now affiliated with the New School for Social Research.