Public Infrastructure Asset Management, Second Edition

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Waheed Uddin

WAHEED UDDIN is Professor of Civil Engineering and Director of Center for Advanced Infrastructure Technology (CAIT) at The University of Mississippi. Previously, a pavement expert for the United Nations, Dr. Uddin has contributed to highway and airport infrastructure management projects in the U.S. and many countries abroad. A pioneer in airborne laser mapping and satellite imagery applications in transportation and disaster impact assessment, Dr. Uddin is co-author of Infrastructure Management.

W. Hudson

W. RONALD HUDSON is the Dewitt C Greer Centennial Professor of Civil Engineering Emeritus at The University of Texas at Austin and Senior Consultant AgileAssets, Inc. A pioneer in developing and applying management systems to pavements, bridges, and other civil infrastructure assets, Dr. Hudson is co-author of Modern Pavement Management and Infrastructure Management.

Ralph Haas

RALPH C.G. HAAS is the Norman W. McLeod Engineering Professor and Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. He holds country's highest civilian honor, the Order of Canada and the highest academic honor, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. An innovator in pavement design and civil infrastructure management systems, Dr. Haas is co-author of Modern Pavement Management and Infrastructure Management.