Profit from the Positive: Proven Leadership Strategies to Boost Productivity and Transform Your Business, with a foreword by Tom Rath 1 9780071817431 You're constantly challenged to grow your business, increase productivity, and improve quality—all while reducing or keeping budgets flat. So what's a manager to do? You've streamlined processes. You've restructured. You’ve sought customer and employee feedback. You've tried everything. Now, try something that works. Profit from the Positive is a practical, groundbreaking guide for business leaders, managers, executive coaches, and human resource professionals. Whether you lead three employees or 3,000, this book shows you how to increase productivity, collaboration, and profitability using the simple yet powerful tools from the new field of Positive Psychology. Featuring case studies of some of the most forward-thinking and successful companies today—Google, Zappos, and Amazon, to name a few—Profit from the Positive provides over two dozen evidence-based tools you can apply immediately. Learn how to: Set habits, not just goals Recognize the Achoo! effect Stop asking the wrong questions Hire for what's not on the resume Turn strengths into a team sport Preview, don't just review, performance The best part? These strategies don't cost a dime to implement! Trained by Dr. Martin Seligman, who is known as the father of Positive Psychology, Margaret Greenberg and Senia Maymin translate the scientific research and make it accessible to the business world.
Profit from the Positive: Proven Leadership Strategies to Boost Productivity and Transform Your Business, with a foreword by Tom Rath

Profit from the Positive: Proven Leadership Strategies to Boost Productivity and Transform Your Business, with a foreword by Tom Rath

1st Edition
By Margaret Greenberg and Senia Maymin
ISBN10: 0071817433
ISBN13: 9780071817431
Copyright: 2013

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ISBN10: 0071817433 | ISBN13: 9780071817431



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Program Details

Foreword by Tom Rath xv
Introduction: You’ve Tried Everything. Now Try Something That Works xvii

It’s About the Leader

1 The Productive Leader: It’s More Than Time Management 5
Replace “Just Do It” with “Just Plan It” 10
Trick Yourself into Getting Started 12
Set Habits, Not Just Goals 17
Work Less, Accomplish More 21

2 The Resilient Leader: Give Yourself a Psychological Kick in the Pants 29
Don’t Quit, Just Quit Being an Expert 33
Put on an Explorer’s Hat 38
Win Debates Against Yourself 42

3 The Contagious Leader: Control Your Emotions, Not Your Employees 49
Recognize the Achoo! Effect 51
Tame Your Oscar the Grouch If You Need To 54
Don’t Be a Control Freak 59

4 The Strengths-Based Leader: Capitalize on What’s Right 65
Stop Asking the Wrong Questions 68
Find Solutions, Not Faults 74
Know Your Strengths or No One Else Will 77
Part II
It’s About the Team

5 Hiring: The Fitness Test 89
Hire for What’s Not on the Resume 92
Predict the Future by Digging into the Past 95
Don’t Overlook Your Culture’s Quirks 98

6 Engaging Employees: Bring Out the Best Versus Get the Most 103
Don’t Just Read the Book 106
Turn Strengths into a Team Sport 110
Don’t Fire Poor Performers; Fire ’Em Up 113
Give FRE: Frequent Recognition and Encouragement 117

7 Performance Reviews: Change ’Em or Chuck ’Em 125
Obsess over Strengths but Don’t Ignore Weaknesses 129
Don’t Make Goals Easy and Vague 132
Preview, Don’t Just Review, Performance 134
Chew the Fat; Don’t Chew Them Out 136

8 Meetings: From Energy Buster to Energy Booster 141
Start with a Sizzle 144
Practice the Peak-End Rule 149
Play Your Whole Bench 151
Part III
Putting It All Together

9 The Positive Deviant: Three Things I Can Start Today 161
Don’t Resist Resistance 162
Start Small 163
Drop the Lingo 164
Use the Back Door 165

Appendix A: All 31 Tools Featured in Profit from the Positive 171
Appendix B: Is a Strengths-Based Approach a Good Fit for Me? 175
Appendix C: Turn Strengths into a Team Sport 179
Appendix D: Frequent Recognition and Encouragement (FRE) 181
Appendix E: The Five FRESH Themes 185
Appendix F: Good Reads 189
References 197
Reading and Discussion Guide 213
Acknowledgments 221
Index 223