Principles and Applications of Electrical Engineering

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Table of Contents

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1) Introduction to Electrical Engineering

Part I – Circuits

2) Fundamentals of Electric Circuits

3) Resistive Network Analysis

4) AC Network Analysis

5) Transient Analysis

6) Frequency Response and System Concepts

7) AC Power

Part II – Electronics

8) Operational Amplifiers

9) Semiconductors and Diodes

10) Bipolar Junction Transistors: Operation, Circuit Models, and Applications

11) Field-Effect Transistors: Operation, Circuit Models, and Applications

12) Power Electronics

13) Digital Logic Circuits

14) Digital Systems

Part III – Instrumentation and Communication Systems

15) Electronic Instrumentation and Measurements

16) Analog Communication Systems

17) Digital Communications

Part IV – Electromechanics

18) Principles of Electromechanics

19) Introduction to Electric Machines

20) Special-Purpose Electric Machines


Appendix A – Linear Algebra and Complex Numbers

Appendix B – The Laplace Transform

Appendix C – Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Examination

Appendix D – Answers to Selected