Predictable Prospecting: How to Radically Increase Your B2B Sales Pipeline
Table of Contents

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Foreword by Aaron Ross                                                          ix

Acknowledgments                                                                     xiii

Introduction: Turning Unpredictable into Predictable                   1

Part I: Target

Chapter 1: Internalizing Your Competitive Position                     9

Chapter 2: Developing an Ideal Account Profile                         31

Chapter 3: Crafting Ideal Prospect Personas                              45

Part II: Engage

Chapter 4: Crafting the Right Message                                       61

Chapter 5: Getting Meetings Though Prospecting Campaigns     85

Chapter 6: (Dis-) Qualifying Prospects                                      127

Part III: Optimize

Chapter 7: Measuring and Optimizing Your Pipeline                  147

Chapter 8: Leveraging the Right Tools                                       165

Chapter 9: Managing Sales Development Professionals              173

Chapter 10: Twelve Habits of Highly Successful SDRs              193

Conclusion: The Future of Predictable Prospecting                    203

Appendix: Quick Guide to Predictable Prospecting                   205

Notes                                                                                      219

Index                                                                                       225