The Power of Management Innovation: 24 Keys for Accelerating Profitability and Growth 1 9780071625784 The world’s most profitable companies share two things in common: quality of management and management capital. Combining leadership passion for creating growth and profitability (quality of management) and the effective deployment of resources for accelerating growth (management capital) is the formula for thriving in the 21st century. The Power of Management Innovation is a clear roadmap for delivering these critical drivers of success to your own organization. Incorporating the most pertinent points from his classic book The Power of Management Capital, creator of the TQM movement Armand V. Feigenbaum, along with systems management and technology expert Donald S. Feigenbaum, lays out 24 actionable keys for applying systematic management and leadership models to your company, including how to: Foster constant innovation throughout your company Integrate the newest technology resources Create, expand, and redefine your market Combine the power of hard and soft assets Diffuse responsibility through all levels of operations Eliminate obstacles to product and service value Operationalize your commitment to quality Create strategic alliances and partnerships Focus on customers, investors, and other stakeholders Apply the insights of The Power of Management Innovation and you’ll soon find yourself leading—not following—the pack in today’s enormously demanding and brutally competitive business environment.
The Power of Management Innovation: 24 Keys for Accelerating Profitability and Growth

The Power of Management Innovation: 24 Keys for Accelerating Profitability and Growth

1st Edition
By Armand Feigenbaum and Donald Feigenbaum
ISBN10: 007162578X
ISBN13: 9780071625784
Copyright: 2009

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ISBN10: 007162578X | ISBN13: 9780071625784



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Program Details

1. Promote management capital
2. Keep aware and agile
3. Focus on customers
4. Manage smart in new ways
5. Learn and innovate
6. Sustain and systematize
7. Grow through opportunism
8. Combine hard and soft
9. Operationalize concepts
10. Innovate constantly
11. Lead with heart and head
12. Manage better, not more
13. Drop dead doctrines
14. Network responsibility
15. Collaborate strategically
16. Compete using technology
17. Find and fix disconnects
18. End failure costs
19. Lead with the best
20. Cultivate best practices
21. Manage by the new model
22. Lead competitively
23. Lead your value chain
24. Capitalize and innovate

About the Author

Armand Feigenbaum

Armand V. Feigenbaum is President & CEO, General Systems Co., Inc. and the originator of Total Quality Control, which was conceived and completed while he was earning his doctoral degree from MIT. He is the recipient of the 2007 National Medal for Technology and Innovation and numerous other medals and honors from quality associations around the world.

Donald Feigenbaum

Donald S. Feigenbaum is Executive Vice President and COO, General Systems Co., Inc. and an acknowledged world leader in systems management and engineering. He has published numerous influential works in the field of systems technology.