Personality at Work: The Drivers and Derailers of Leadership
Table of Contents

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Introduction: Personality Matters

Part I. Personality in Action / Personality Measures
Chapter 1: The Two Steves
Chapter 2: Silicon Valley Grit
Chapter 3: Personality Traits and Profiles
Chapter 4: Team Process and Personality
Chapter 5: Personality Profiles and Effectiveness
Chapter 6: Flying Lessons-Crew Leadership, Teamwork, and Communications
Chapter 7: Personality Is Behavior-Self-Ratings and 360 Feedback
Chapter 8: Things are Crazy at Work

Part II. Deference: Derailers and Development
Chapter 9: Deference-The Right-Sider
Chapter 10: Leading with Grit and Assertiveness

Part III. Dominance: Derailers and Development
Chapter 11: The Dominant Personality of Our Time
Chapter 12: The Toll of Hostility
Chapter 13: Dominance Is Not Leadership
Chapter 14: Leadership EQ and Teamwork Behaviors

Part IV. Leadership Drivers and Development
Chapter 15: Leadership in Action – Qantas Flight 32
Chapter 16: Your Best Self – The LMAP Method
Chapter 17: Red Teams and WRAP
Chapter 18: Insight In Action

Appendix A. Timothy Leary
Appendix B. Example of LMAP Effectiveness Ratings
Appendix C. Self-Reflection Exercises