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Table of Contents

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Program Details

Introduction to Diesel Engines


Tools and Equipment

Engine Oil

Diesel Fuel

Engine Performance Terminology

Cycle Operation

Combustion Chamber

Basic Engine Components


Hydraulic Lines and Fittings

Seals, Gaskets, and Fasteners

Engine Disassembly

Diesel Engine Components and Service

Cylinder Block


Cylinder Sleeve



Connecting Rods

Piston and Rings

Lubrication Pump and Oil Cooler

Cylinder Head and Valves

Valve-Train Mechanism

Flywheel Housing, Flywheel, and Timing Cover

Engine Brakes and Hydraulic Retarders

Diesel Engine Systems

Air-Intake Systems

Exhaust Systems

Cooling Systems

Air-Brake Systems

Fuel Injection Systems

Introduction to Fuel-Injection Systems


Electronic Engine Controls

Fuel-Injection Nozzles and Holders

United Technologies Diesel Systems, Robert

Bosch, CAV and Diesel Kiki Port and Helix Fuel

Injection Pumps

Caterpillar Fuel-Injection Systems

Stanadyne Diesel Systems and DPA

Distributor-Type Fuel-Injection Pumps

Electrical Systems

Electrical Systems

Electric Circuits and Test Instruments

Wires and Terminals

Relays, Switches and Solenoids


Electric Starting Systems

Air and Hydraulic Starting Systems

Charging Systems

Voltage Regulators

Instrument Gauges and Circuits

Extreme Temperature Operation

Break-In, Trouble Shooting, and Tune Up

Developments and Intersections

Pipe Drawings

Structural Drafting

Jigs and Fixtures

Electrical and Electronics Drawings