Need to Know: Social Science Research Methods
Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Why You Need to Know: An Introduction

Chapter 2: The Nature of the Scientific Enterprise

Chapter 3: The Logic of Inquiry

Chapter 4: The Vocabulary of Science

Chapter 5: Doing the Right Thing--Ethics in Social Research

Chapter 6: Sampling

Chapter 7: Elements of Research Design

Chapter 8: Experiments

Chapter 9: Survey Research--Part 1: The Art of Asking Questions

Chapter 10: Survey Research--Part 2: Design and Implementation

Chapter 11: Unobtrusive Methods

Chapter 12: Qualitative Research Methods

Appendix A: Working on the Internet

Appendix B: Code of Ethics, American Sociological Association

Appendix C: Tables and Figures

Appendix D: Basic Statistics for Social Researchers

Appendix E: Writing Research Reports