Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Programming
Table of Contents

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Chapter 1. New Language Features
Chapter 2. New Development Tools
Chapter 3. Windows Presentation Framework
Chapter 4. XML and XSLT
Chapter 5. LINQ and XML
Chapter 6. ADO.NET Development
Chapter 7. Disconnected ADO.NET
Chapter 8. LINQ and ADO.NET
Chapter 9. LINQ to Objects
Chapter 10. Multithreaded Applications
Chapter 11. Active Directory and Directory Services
Chapter 12. Windows Services
Chapter 13. Visual Studio 2008 Debugging
Chapter 14. Debug Visualizers
Chapter 15. Deploying Windows Applications
Chapter 16. ASP.NET Deployment
Chapter 17. Security Vulnerabilities
Chapter 18. C++ Improvements
Chapter 19. Visual Studio Team System 2008