Microsoft SQL Server 2005: The Complete Reference
Table of Contents

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Program Details

Part I: SQL Server 2005 System and Platform Architecture

Chapter 1: Getting to Know SQL Server 2005

Chapter 2: Database Architecture

Chapter 3: RDBMS Architecture

Chapter 4: Connecting to and Administering the Database Engine

Part II: Administering SQL Server 2005

Chapter 5: Security

Chapter 6: Databases, Tables, and Indexes

Chapter 7: SQL Server Disaster Recovery

Chapter 8: Distributed Database Architecture

Chapter 9: SQL Server 2005 High Availability

Part III: Programming SQL Server 2005

Chapter 10: Transact-SQL Primer

Chapter 11: Understanding the SQL Server Common Language Runtime

Chapter 12: Data Integrity

Chapter 13: Triggers

Chapter 14: Stored Procedures and Functions

Part IV: Working with SQL Server 2005

Chapter 15: Working with Operational Data

Chapter 16: Working with Tabular Data

Chapter 17: Working with Transactional Data

Chapter 18: Monitoring SQL Server