Microfinance for Bankers and Investors: Understanding the Opportunities and Challenges of the Market at the Bottom of the Pyramid https://www.mheducation.com/cover-images/Jpeg_250-high/0071624066.jpeg?404URL=https://shop.mheducation.com/mhshopweb/images/no_cover_140.png
Table of Contents

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Chapter 1. Understanding the BOP Market
Chapter 2. The Four Challenges of the BOP Market
Chapter 3. Product Design for BOP Clients
Chapter 4. Three Products: Insurance, Housing Finance and Remittances
Chapter 5. Corporate Choices
Chapter6. Commercial Banks as Microlenders
Chapter 7. Models of Micro-Insurance
Chapter 8. Retailers as Channels
Chapter 9. Financing Inclusive Finance
Chapter 10. Financial Infrastructure
Chapter 11. Payments Technologies Reduce Costs and Increase Convenience
Chapter 12 Approaches to Social Responsibility
Chapter13 Measuring the Social Bottom Line