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Table of Contents

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Ch 1. The Semiconductor Industry
Ch 2. Properties of Semiconductor Materials and Chemicals
Ch 3. Crystal Growth and Silicon Wafer Preparation
Ch 4. Overview of Wafer Fabrication
Ch 5. Contamination Control
Ch 6. Productivity and Process Yields
Ch 7. Oxidation
Ch 8. The Ten-Step Patterning Process--Surface Preparation to Exposure
Ch 9. The Ten-Step Patterning Process--Developing to Final Inspection
Ch 10. Advanced Photolithography Processes
Ch 11. Doping
Ch 12. Layer Deposition
Ch 13. Metalization
Ch 14. Process and Device Evaluation
Ch 15. The Business of Water Fabrication
Ch 16. Introduction to Device and Integrated Circuit Formation
Ch 17. Introduction to Integrated Circuits
Ch 18. Packaging