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    Table of Contents

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    Chapter 1 Microbes: An Introduction

    Chapter 2 Tools of the Laboratory: The Methods for Studying Microorganisms

    Chapter 3 Prokaryotic Profiles: The Bacteria and Archaea

    Chapter 4 Eukaryotic Cells and Microorganisms

    Chapter 5 An Introduction to the Viruses

    Chapter 6 Microbial Nutrition, Ecology, and Growth

    Chapter 7 Microbial Metabolism

    Chapter 8 Microbial Genetics and Genetic Engineering

    Chapter 9 Physical and Chemical Control of Microbes

    Chapter 10 Drugs, Microbes, Host: The Elements of Chemotherapy

    Chapter 11 Microbe-Human Interactions: Infection and Disease

    Chapter 12 Host Defenses I: Overview and Nonspecific Defenses

    Chapter 13 Host Defenses II: Specific Immunity and Immunization

    Chapter 14 Disorders in Immunity

    Chapter 15 Diagnosing Infections

    Chapter 16 Infectious Diseases Affecting the Skin and Eyes

    Chapter 17 Infectious Diseases Affecting the Nervous System

    Chapter 18 Infectious Diseases Affecting the Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems

    Chapter 19 Infectious Diseases Affecting the Respiratory System

    Chapter 20 Infectious Diseases Affecting the Gastrointestinal Tract

    Chapter 21 Infectious Diseases Affecting the Genitourinary System

    Chapter 22 One Health: The Intersection of Animals, Humans and the Environment