Medieval Europe: A Short History
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Part I: The Early Middle Ages, c. 500-1000

Chapter 1: Romans, Christians, and Barbarians

Chapter 2: Early Western Christendom, c. 500-700

Chapter 3: Neighbors: Byzantium and Islam, c. 500-1000

Chapter 4: Carolingian Europe, c. 700-850

Chapter 5: Division, Invasion, and Reorganization, c. 800-1000

Part II: The Central Middle Ages, c. 1000-1300

Chapter 6: Economic Takeoff and Social Change, c. 1000-1300

Chapter 7: Popes and the Papacy, c. 1000-1300

Chapter 8: New Paths to God, c. 1000-1300

Chapter 9: Conquests, Crusades, and Persecutions, c. 1100-1300

Chapter 10: States Made and Unmade, c. 1000-1300

Chapter 11: Literature, Art, and Thought, c. 1000-1300

Part III: The Later Middle Ages, 1300-1500

Chapter 12: Famine, Plague, and Recovery, c. 1300-1500

Chapter 13: Toward the Sovereign State, c. 1300-1500

Chapter 14: Diversity and Dynamism in Late Medieval Culture, c. 1300-1500



Appendix: Some Popes and Monarchs of Medieval Europe