Medical Assisting Review: Passing The CMA, RMA, and CCMA Exams
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-Catching your success has never been easier, with the new 6th edition of MEDICAL ASSISTING REVIEW: PASSING THE CMA, RMA, and CCMA EXAMS, confidently master the competencies you need for certification with a user-friendly approach and a variety of practice exams. 
Table of Contents

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Section 1 General Medical Assisting Knowledge

Chapter 1 – The Profession of Medical Assisting

Chapter 2 – Medical Terminology

Chapter 3 – Anatomy and Physiology

Chapter 4 – Pathophysiology

Chapter 5 – Microbiology

Chapter 6 – General Psychology

Chapter 7 – Nutrition and Health Promotion

Chapter 8 – Medical Law and Ethics

Section 1 Practice Test for CMA 

Section 1 Practice Test for RMA 

Section 1 Practice Test for CCMA 

Section 1 Practice Test for NCMA

Section 2  Administrative Medical Assisting Knowledge

Chapter 9 – Reception, Correspondence, Mail, Telephone Techniques, and Supplies

Chapter 10 – Appointments, Scheduling, Medical Records, Filing, Policies, and Procedures

Chapter 11 – Communication in the Medical Office

Chapter 12 – Keyboarding and Computer Applications

Chapter 13 – Financial Management

Chapter 14 – Medical Insurance

Chapter 15 – Medical Coding

Section 3 Clinical Medical Assisting Knowledge

Chapter 16 – Blood-Borne Pathogens and Principles of Asepsis

Chapter 17 – Preparing the Patient

Chapter 18 – Vital Signs and Measurement

Chapter 19 – Pharmacology

Chapter 20 – Administration of Medication

Chapter 21 – Electrocardiography

Chapter 22 – Diagnostic Imaging

Chapter 23 – Physical Therapy

Chapter 24 – Medical Emergencies and First Aid

Chapter 25 – Clinical Laboratory

Practice Test for CMA 

Practice Test for RMA 

Practice Test for CCMA 

Practice Test for NCMA