Mechanical Design Handbook, Second Edition
Table of Contents

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Part 1: Mechanical Design Fundamentals

Chapter 1: Classical Mechanics

Chapter 2: Mechanics of Materials

Chapter 3: Kinematics of Mechanisms

Chapter 4: Mechanical Vibrations

Chapter 5: Static and Fatigue Design

Chapter 6: Properties of Engineering Materials

Chapter 7: Friction, Lubrication, and Wear

Part 2: Mechanical Systems Analysis

Chapter 8: System Dynamics

Chapter 9: Continuous Time Control Systems

Chapter 10: Digital Control Systems

Chapter 11: Optical Systems

Chapter 12: Machine Systems

Chapter 13: System Reliability

Part 3: Mechanical Subsystem Components

Chapter 14: Cam Mechanisms

Chapter 15: Rolling-Element Bearings

Chapter 16: Power Screws

Chapter 17: Friction Clutches

Chapter 18: Friction Brakes

Chapter 19: Belts

Chapter 20: Chains

Chapter 21: Gearing

Chapter 22: Springs

Appendix A: Analytical Methods for Engineers

Appendix B: Numerical Methods for Engineers