The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course in Business Writing and Communication, Second Edition
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Introduction; Chapter 1. Find the "We": Manage Your Relationship with Your Reader; Chapter 2. Make Holes, Not Drills: Manage with Purpose; Chapter 3. Get Your Stuff Together: Manage Your Information; Chapter 4. Get Your Ducks in a Row: Manage Your Structure; Chapter 5. Do It Wrong the First Time: Manage Your Drafting; Chapter 6. Take a Break and Change Hats: Manage Your Internal Writer and Editor; Chapter 7. Signal Your Turns: Manage Your Paragraphs; Chapter 8. Say What You Mean: Manage Your Subjects and Verbs; Chapter 9. Pay Per Word: Manage Your Sentence Economy; Chapter 10. Translate Into English: Manage Your Word Choices; Chapter 11. Finish the Job: Manage Your Spelling, Punctuation, and Mechanics Chapter 12. Evaluate Your Writing Process; Chapter 13. Writing; Chapter 14. Writing to Sell; Chapter 15/ Writing for Presentations; Chapter 16. Writing Across Cultures; Appendixes Chapter Review Answers; Resources and Information; Index; Final Examination