Management Communication: Principles and Practice
Table of Contents

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Part 1: Principles of Effective Communication

Chapter 1: Foundations of Management Communication

Chapter 2: Setting Goals

Case: Yellowtail Marine, Inc.

Chapter 3: Audience Analysis

Case: Weymouth Steel Corporation

Chapter 4: Point of View

Case: Smith Financial Corporation

Chapter 5: Message: Content and Argument

Case: Cuttyhunk Bank (A)

Chapter 6: Structure

Case: McGregors Ltd.Department Store

Chapter 7: Choosing Media

Case: The Timken Company

Chapter 8: Style and Tone

Case: Vanrex, Inc.

Part 2: Applications

Chapter 9: Giving and Receiving Feedback

Case: Bailey and Wick

Chapter 10: Managing Meetings

Case: Lincoln Park Redevelopment Project

Chapter 11: Communicating Change

Case: Hammermill Paper Company

Chapter 12: Communicating with External Audiences

Case A: Oxford Energy

Case B: NutraSweet

Chapter 13: Diversity and Intercultural Communication

Case A: Reed-Watkins Pharmaceuticals

Case B: International Oil

Chapter 14: Personal and Corporate Ethics

Case A: Hal of Erhardt & Company: One Audit Senior’s Dilemma

Case B: McArthur Place

Chapter 15: Electronic Communication

Case A: The E-Mail Encounter

Case B: Unifone Communications

Part 3: Technique

Chapter 16: Effective Writing

Style manual to be cross-referenced throughout the course

Chapter 17: Effective Speaking

Style manual on speaking, use of graphics, and group presentation to be cross referenced throughout the course


Case 16: Dotsworth Press

Case 17: Fair is Fair, Isn’t it?