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M: Finance

M: Finance

4th Edition
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Program Details

Part One Introduction
1 Introduction to Financial Management

Part Two Financial Statements
2 Reviewing Financial Statements
3 Analyzing Financial Statements

Part Three Valuing of Future Cash Flows 
4 Time Value of Money 1: Analyzing Single Cash Flows
5 Time Value of Money 2: Analyzing Annuity Cash Flows

Part Four Valuing of Bonds and Stocks
6 Understanding Financial Markets and Institutions
Appendix 6A The Financial Crisis: The Failure of Financial Institution Specialness (online)
7 Valuing Bonds
8 Valuing Stocks

Part Five Risk and Return
9 Characterizing Risk and Return
10 Estimating Risk and Return

Part Six Capital Budgeting
11 Calculating the Cost of Capital
12 Estimating Cash Flows on Capital Budgeting Projects
13 Weighing Net Present Value and Other Capital Budgeting Criteria

Part Seven Working Capital Management and Financial Planning
14 Working Capital Management and Policies