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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1—Chemistry: The Science of Change

Chapter 2—Atoms and the Periodic Table

Chapter 3—Quantum Theory and the Electronic Structure of Atoms

Chapter 4—Periodic Trends of the Elements

Chapter 5—Ionic and Covalent Compounds

Chapter 6— Representing Molecules

Chapter 7—Molecular Geometry, Intermolecular Forces, and Bonding Theories

Chapter 8—Chemical Reactions

Chapter 9—Chemical Reactions in Aqueous Solutions

Chapter 10—Energy Changes in Chemical Reactions

Chapter 11—Gases

Chapter 12—Liquids and Solids

Chapter 13—Physical Properties of Solutions

Chapter 14—Entropy and Free Energy

Chapter 15—Chemical Equilibrium

Chapter 16—Acids, Bases, and Salts

Chapter 17—Acid-Base Equilibria and Solubility Equilibria

Chapter 18—Electrochemistry

Chapter 19—Chemical Kinetics

Chapter 20—Nuclear Chemistry

Chapter 21—Metallurgy and the Chemistry of Metals

Chapter 22—Coordination Chemistry

Chapter 23—Organic Chemistry

Chapter 24—Modern Materials

Chapter 25—ONLINE ONLY: Nonmetallic Elements and Their Compounds