Soft Bound Version for Anthropology: Appreciating Human Diversity
Table of Contents

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1 What Is Anthropology?

2 Culture

3 Applying Anthropology

4 Doing Archaeology and Biological Anthropology

5 Evolution and Genetics

6 Human Variation and Adaptation

7 The Primates

8 Early Hominins

9 Archaic Homo

10 The Origin and Spread of Modern Humans

11 The First Farmers

12 The First Cities and States

13 Method and Theory in Cultural Anthropology

14 Language and Communication

15 Ethnicity and Race

16 Making a Living

17 Political Systems

18 Gender

19 Families, Kinship, and Descent

20 Marriage

21 Religion

22 Arts, Media, and Sports

23 The World System and Colonialism

24 Anthropology’s Role in a Globalizing World