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Table of Contents

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Part 1: Logistics Systems Engineering

Chapter 1: Logistics Statistics

Chapter 2: Reliability

Chapter 3: Maintainability

Chapter 4: Availability

Chapter 5: Quality Assurance

Chapter 6: Human Factors Engineering

Chapter 7: Safety Engineering

Part 2: Acquisition and Production

Chapter 8: Contracting

Chapter 9: Critical-Path Analysis

Chapter 10: Work Breakdown Structure

Chapter 11: Learning Curve

Chapter 12: Financial Analysis

Chapter 13: Depreciation of Assets

Chapter 14: Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

Chapter 15: Performance-Based Systems Engineering

Part 3: Logistics Systems Management and Operations

Chapter 16: Logistics Facilities

Chapter 17: Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportation

Chapter 18: Inventory Management

Chapter 19: Personnel Management

Chapter 20: Logistics, Technical Documentation

Chapter 21: Support and Test Equipment

Chapter 22: Embedded Computer Resources

Chapter 23: Equipment Maintenance

Chapter 24: Design Interface of Logistics Elements

Chapter 25: Logistics Supportability

Chapter 26: Configuration Management

Appendix A: Selected References

Appendix B: Internet Websites, Logistics Associations, and Sources of Information

Appendix C: Crosswalk Guide for Conversion of U.S. Measurement Units to Systeme International (SI) Measurement Units