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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Leadership

Chapter 2: The Leader-Follower Relationship: Leader-Member Exchange Quality, Justice, and Trust

Chapter 3: The Leader: Personality, Motives and Other Personal Qualities

Chapter 4: Leadership and the Role of Sex and Gender

Chapter 5: Leader Emergence: A Dynamic Process

Chapter 6: Leadership as an Influence Process

Chapter 7: Leadership and Leader Behaviors

Chapter 8: Contingency and Path-Goal Theories of Leadership: Situational and Follower Differences

Chapter 9: Leadership and the Cross-cultural Context

Chapter 10: Followers and the Leadership Process

Chapter 11: Leadership Style: Participative, Directive, and Laissez-faire

Chapter 12: Substitutes for Leadership

Chapter 13: Charismatic Leadership

Chapter 14: Transformational Leadership

Chapter 15: The Negative (Dark) Side of Leadership

Chapter 16: Positive Leadership: Spiritual, Ethical, and Authentic