Law & Ethics for Health Professions 9 9781260021943 Law and Ethics: For Health Professions explains how to navigate the numerous legal and ethical issues that health care professionals face every day. Topics are based upon real-world scenarios and dilemmas from a variety of health care practitioners. Through the presentation of Learning Outcomes, Key Terms, From the Perspective of …, Ethics Issues, Chapter Reviews, Case Studies, Internet Activities, Court Cases, and Videos, students learn about current legal and ethical problems and situations. In the ninth edition, material has been revised to reflect the current health care environment. As students progress through the text, they will get the opportunity to use critical thinking skills to learn how to resolve real-life situations and theoretical scenarios and to decide how legal and ethical issues are relevant to the health care profession in which they will practice.
Law & Ethics for Health Professions

Law & Ethics for Health Professions

9th Edition
By Karen Judson and Carlene Harrison
ISBN10: 1260021947
ISBN13: 9781260021943
Copyright: 2021
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Program Details

Chapter 1 Introduction to Law and Ethics 

1.1 Why Study Law and Ethics? 

1.2 Comparing Aspects of Law and Ethics 

1.3 Qualities of Successful Health Care Practitioners 

Chapter Review 

Chapter 2 Making Ethical Decisions 

2.1 Value Development Theories 

2.2 Value Choices Theories 

2.3 Principles of Health Care Ethics 

Chapter Review 

Chapter 3 Working in Health Care 

3.1 Licensure, Certification, Registration, and Scope of Practice 

3.2 Accreditation 

3.3 Practice Acts and Professional Boards 

3.4 Business Aspects of Health Care 

3.5 Managed Care Organizations 

Chapter Review 

Chapter 4 Law, the Courts, and Contracts 

4.1 The Basis of and Primary Sources of Law 

4.2 Classifications of Law 

4.3 Tort Liability 

4.4 Contracts 

4.5 Physicians’ and Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities 

Chapter Review 

Chapter 5 Professional Liability 

5.1 Liability 

5.2 Standard of Care and Duty of Care 

5.3 The Tort of Negligence 

5.4 Elements of a Lawsuit 

5.5 Alternative Dispute Resolution 

5.6 Informed Consent 

Chapter Review 

Chapter 6 Defenses to Liability Suits

6.1 Preventing Liability Suits 

6.2 Types of Defenses 

6.3 Risk Management 

6.4 Professional Liability Insurance 

Chapter Review 

Chapter 7 Medical Records and Health Information Technology 

7.1 Medical Records 

7.2 Medical Records Ownership, Retention, Storage, and Destruction 

7.3 Records Release 

7.4 Health Information Technology (HIT) 

7.5 Social Media

7.6 Telemedicine 

Chapter Review 

Chapter 8 Privacy, Security, and Fraud 

8.1 The U.S. Constitution and Federal Privacy Laws 

8.2 Privacy and Confidentiality 

8.3 HIPAA’s Privacy and Security Rules 

8.4 Controlling Health Care Fraud and Abuse 

Chapter Review 

Chapter 9 Public Health Responsibilities of Health Care Practitioners 

9.1 Vital Statistics 

9.2 Public Health Functions 

9.3 Reportable Diseases and Injuries 

9.4 Drug Regulations 

Chapter Review 

Chapter 10 Workplace Legalities 

10.1 Basic Employment Law 

10.2 OSHA’s Workplace Priorities 

10.3 OSHA, CDC, and CLIA Guidelines and Regulations 

10.4 Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment Insurance

10.5 Hiring and the New Employee 

Chapter Review 

Chapter 11 The Beginning of Life and Childhood 

11.1 Family History as a Predictor 

11.2 DNA Testing 

11.3 Genetic Engineering 

11.4 Conception and the Beginning of Life 

11.5 Rights of Children 

Chapter Review 

Chapter 12 Death and Dying 

12.1 Attitudes toward Death and the Determination of Death 

12.2 Legal Documents for Terminally Ill Patients 

12.3 Health Care Services for Terminally Ill Patients 

12.4 The Right to Die Movement 

12.5 The National Organ Transplant Act 

12.6 The Grieving Process 

Chapter Review 

Chapter 13 Stakeholders, Costs, and Patients' Rights 

13.1 The Stakeholders 

13.2 Cost of Health Care 

13.3 Access and Quality 

13.4 Paying for Health Care

13.5 Patients’ Bill of Rights

Chapter Review