Lab Manual for Essentials of Biology
Table of Contents

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Unit I The Cell
1 Scientific Method
2 Measuring with Metric
3 Microscopy
4 Cell Structure and Function
5 Enzymes
6 Photosynthesis
Unit II Genetics
7 Cellular Reproduction
8 Sexual Reproduction
9 Patterns of Inheritance
10 DNA Biology and Technology
11 Genetic Counseling
Unit III Evolution and Diversity of Life
12 Evidences of Evolution
13 Microbiology
14 Plant Evolution
15 Plant Anatomy and Growth
16 Animal Evolution
Unit IV Animal Structure and Function
17 Basic Mammalian Anatomy I
18 Chemical Aspects of Digestion
19 Energy Requirements and Ideal Weight
20 Basic Mammalian Anatomy II
21 The Nervous System and Senses
Unit V Ecology
22 Effects of Pollution on Ecosystems