Introduction to Physical Education, Fitness, and Sport
Table of Contents

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Part One: The Current Context and Evolution of Physical Activity

Chapter 1 The Dilemma of our Times:Lifespan Physical Activity and the Obesity Health Crisis

Chapter 2 The Evolution of Physical Activity Philosophies and Programs

Chapter 3 Developing an Infrastructure to Support Physical Activity and HealthyLifestyles

Part Two: Physical Education

Chapter 4 Basic Concepts of Physical Education

Chapter 5 Physical Education Programs and Professions

Chapter 6 Problems, Issues, and the Future ofPhysical Education

Part Three: Fitness

Chapter 7 Basic Concepts of Fitness

Chapter 8 Fitness Programs and Professions

Chapter 9 Problems and Issues in Fitness

Part Four: Physical Education

Chapter 10 Basic Concepts of Sport

Chapter 11 Sport Programs and Professions

Chapter 12 Problems and Issues in Sport
Part Five: The Sub-disciplines of Kinesiology That Support the Physical Education, Fitness and Sport Professions

Chapter 13 The Kinesiology Sub-disciplines Supporting the Professions