Introduction to Computing Systems: From Bits & Gates to C & Beyond
Table of Contents

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1 Welcome Aboard

2 Bits, Data Types, and Operations

3 Digital Logic Structures

4 The Von Neumann Model

5 The LC-3

6 Programming

7 Assembly Language

8 I/O

9 TRAP Routines and Subroutines

10 And, Finally...The Stack

11 Introduction to Programming in C

12 Variables and Operators

13 Control Structures

14 Functions

15 Testing and Debugging

16 Pointers and Arrays

17 Recursion

18 I/O in C

19 Data Structures

Appendix A The LC-3 ISA

Appendix B From LC-3 to x86

Appendix C The Microarchitecture of the LC-3

Appendix D The C Programming Language

Appendix E Useful Tables

Appendix F Selected Solutions (available at website)