The Human Species: An Introduction to Biological Anthropology
Table of Contents

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Introduction: Anthropology and Biological Anthropology

Part I Evolutionary Background

1 Science and Evolution

2 Human Genetics

3 The Forces of Evolution

4 The Evolution and Classification of Species

Part II Our Place in Nature

5 The Primates

6 Primate Behavior and Ecology

7 The Human Species

Part III Our Origins

8 The Fossil Record

9 Primate Origins and Evolution

10 The First Hominins

11 The Origin of the Genus Homo

12 The Evolution of Archaic Humans

13 The Origin of Modern Humans

Part IV Our Diversity

14 Race and Human Variation

15 Recent Human Evolution

16 Human Biocultural Adaptation

17 The Biological Impact of Agriculture and Civilization

Epilogue The Future of Our Species

Appendix 1: Cell Biology

Appendix 2: Skeletal Biology: Forensic Anthropology and Bioarchaeology